Randy is an ambassador - but hes also milking it

Randy is an ambassador, is fighting 10 years beyond what most athletes can do, and has been in lots of wars.

But that being said, he sure is milking it by taking fights against guys who are technically superior to him such as Brock, Nog and Barnett. His Fedor request was self serving and all about the dinheiro$.

I lost a tiny bit of respect for Randy for not properly acknowledging how great Nog was and how he got destroyed right after the fight ended.

randy is annoying and needs to retire.. him and his fag hats

 VTFD for douchiness!

 Randy is the man, I hope he keeps fighting till 50. You haters can eat a d!ck.....

They both fought a helluva fight.  Nogueira owned the fight, but I wouldn't say Randy got destroyed.  Would have liked to have seen it go five rounds.

I don't see why he shouldn't keep fighting. He doesn't seem too punchy, and the fans like watching him.