Randy on OTR 6pm today

We just finished the taping, looks good!

We just finished putting away the mats from the seminar.

You Father assures me that he will have your mother send me baby pictures of you for the Canadian Underground to romoshop.

It's no wonder wrestlers are grumpy and angry all the time. Lugging those mats around sucks!

No baby pictures! "Turning Green"

Was Couture accompanied by Lindland or Henderson for the show? Just wondering if I'll be watching him on the show or him with another member of Team Quest as well.

Daimon it was only Randy on the show. He seemed to be a little pissed, tired, or something. It wasn't that bad.

The guy sitting beside Randy thought his shit didn't stink.

I think he thought he was the tough guy...

Too funny..

At one point Landsberg says jokinging "Randy beat up (the guy sitting beside Randy)

The guy replies with a real smug "Yeah, right"

As if Randy had no chance of doing it...



nathan@aristea: Shit, I'm glad I read your post. For some reason I was thinking it was going to be on today at 6pm....So, I caught the replay from yesterday's show at noon today.

I don't think Couture looked pissed. He pretty much looked like he was tired or sick. His eyes looked droopy.

JHR: I don't think the guy was implying Couture can't beat him in a fight. I think he was kind of saying there's no way in hell he would fight in MMA. Sort of a self-depreciating joke.

Did he talk about me???

Hey Damien he could been really hung-over as well. I think you are right he was tired. He didn't seem his cheery self.

Would you be cheery sitting next to Landsburg ?



Fuck you JHR.


I can asure everyone that Randy was extremely tired for the show. We had a late evening and an early morning. The producers called me that morning and told me they only had room for Randy on the show. Dan was okay with that as he too was sleep deprived.

Both Randy and Dan had a great time, and expressed that they would like to make the trip again sometime next year.

Thanks to all that came and to all that helped out! Special thanks to Dougie & Andy!

Shawn "The Hulk" Geris

TEX16: Thanks for the clarification!

Hulk baby pictures are coming!

On the other hand, Andy was tripping over himself trying to both load mats and watch the girls tennis team play in short shorts.

Sounds like the boyz got Randy and Dan piss drunk the night before.

It's the Canadian Beer. They are not used to it. It's like heroin to the US guys.