Randy ranked higher than Silva?

If you believe this, please explain why.

SILVA #1 205.

1 p4p

while randy did beat the guy who beat silva, vitor...... silva is the man now


1st of all Randy is the only legit LHW Champion. He soundly defeated the 2 best LHWs.

Vanderlei is the MW Champion in every sense of the word. He won his title by defeating a MW Sakuraba and has defended his title against MW Japanese fighters. Silva has a total of 3 wins over top LHW Contenders, 2 were vs. Jackson and the one before that was Henderson at PRIDE 12 (and even he is such a small LHW most want to rank him at MW)

I do not mean to be so harsh on Vanderlei, he deserves respect, especially after what he did to Rampage who was clear #3 LHW.

But Randy is the LHW Champion and overall has beaten much, MUCH better fighters in his career: Pedro Rizzo (twice), Kevin Randleman, Vitor Belfort (twice), Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Mo Smith, etc.


Silva has fought one tough guy in 2 1/2 years. And btw, it was the same guy.

Silva is a badass but Randy has fought and beaten tougher guys time and time again and is usually in control 99% of the time.

I don't think randy has what it takes to stop Silva on the ground. If they ever happen to fight I think it'll end up like Couture/Ortiz, a pitty pat hold down for 20 or 25 mins.

"If they ever happen to fight I think it'll end up like Couture/Ortiz, a pitty pat hold down for 20 or 25 mins.'

I agree it would look similar. However, I wouldn't call 5 takedowns, 2 mounts, a near choke, and a spanking on the ass a pitty pat.

Randy one of my few favorite fighters, but I'd put Silva at #1 right now, due to the amazing run he's on.

brazilian, how are liddell and ortiz the two top light heavys when rampage beat liddell? rampage was the 3rd ranked light heavy in my book, silva has beat hi twice now.. that being said, i dont know who should be number one, couture or silva..

RANDY, all the way.

Silva's beaten Rampage in very tough fights (twice) and Yoshida (barely, by decision).

Randy's DOMINATED Liddell, Ortiz and Belfort.

Both are impressive, but Randy definitely more so IMO.

How in the world can you rank Randy higher????

Vanderlei has not lost in 4 1/2 years, in that time going 16-0-1-1. In that time he has fought Guy Mezger, Dan Henderson, Kazushi sakuraba, Mirko Filipovic, Yuki Kondo, and Quinton Jackson. All those guys have been ranked top 10 within the past 4 1/2 years.

Couture's longest win streak ever has been 4. In the past 4 1/2 he is 9-4. Yes he has fought some tough guys, but you can't lost that often and be ranked higher that someone who has absolutly DEMOLISHED every single person he has ever fought.

Seriously, has anyone even come close to beating Silva?

I have Silva at #1 until proven otherwise.

I think Randy would do it, personally. He has all the skills to do it. I know it is an uphill battle both ways, but this is a fight I would PAY to see. I mean pay, like pay 100 bucks to see, even if it was the only fight they were showing. DANA! PLEASE keep trying for this fight, even if it doesn't seem possible!

"Seriously, has anyone even come close to beating Silva?"

Vitor and Tito came, Ughh, pretty close... but I don't think they could do it again.

Rampage came close to winning tonight- i said CLOSE as he did stagger Silva (a knock down), but Silva is the most exciting fighter to watch. 10 times more exciting than "Couture the win by Cut Man". And whoever says Couture has fought stiffer competition should relook at Silva's victories. By the way-- I think Couture would win if they ever fought, but I would be cheering 100 percent for Silva, who has more than a chance.

Rkings -

Silva has only beaten 3 top 10 fighters in his career and two were pretty much considered Middleweights.

I agree with shotcaller. silva just looks like he's a pimp cause he's not in the ufc where they set you up with good fighters on a reg basis. He'd lose to chuck, tito, vitor and randy and that'd be the end of his career and we wouldn't even be having this rediculous debate. : /

I do think he'd beat Tito & Vitor now. However, it's so odd that no one says crap about Silva beating on smaller nobodies but then gets praised for winning a tough fight that he was suppose to win.

"Whats ridiculous is ranking a guy LHW #1 with only 3 fights in that division as opposed to the other guy's 20."

I understand, but Randy hasn't lost a round since he moved down and all 3 fights were against top 5 guys.

*Unless you count the fluke cut.

vitor is a great talent but he never proved anything since his win over silva some time ago. Belfort is so talented but so mentally weak that he will never win a fight that he has to come back to win. If you wanna bring up silva loss to belfort you could bring up Coture's loss to inoue. which was around the same time.

Fact remains that in the UFC Lidell is clearly the number two guy. NBo one else comes close. He beat Tito Handily and many other contenders. Lidell moved to Pride and was beaten Handily by Rampage. It was not an easy fight. But an no point could you say that chuck was winning. Silva goes on and destroy's rampage in there first fight and KO's him in there second fight.

So in other words the UFC number two guy is at most the number three guy in Pride.

Its so easy to dismiss silva because he seems to get knocked down a lot and is relatively easy to take down. But honestly who has capitalized in the past 4 years?