Randy ranked higher than Silva?

Wow, there is a huge American bias on this forum. I'm glad there are some who have the sense to see that Couture's ranking, while nice, is no match for Silva's.

Couture lost to Valentine Overeem.

Couture has been submitted several times.

Couture has tapped out several times.

Couture has gassed out more than once.

Couture needs the fence to win most of his fights.

Couture has 4 fights at 205. And 3 wins over Vitor who is awesome but unranked and top 3 fighters in Tito and Liddell. He decisioned Tito and stopped Chuck. Silva is like 20-0 in Pride. Each promotion only has like 3 top guys at 205. UFC has Liddell, Tito, Couture and Pride has Wandy, Rampage, Arona.

I don't think tito would play a dumb game like rampage and stand with silva. He'd probably play the same game only a little smarter like the first tito vs silva and win another boring decision. As for silva vs vitor hmmm ....that's interesting will the forecity of silva actually lead him to a win this time? not sure I'm thinking he'd just bite off more then he can chew just like the first one silva still throws loopin punches and and comes straight in...belfort throws fast straight accurate ones so I'm guessin belfort would probably take it but who knows.

randy couture is an mma nobody, let him come to the olympics of mma in japan and accomplish something before we go comparing him to wanderlei the titan

Randy needs to prove himself in Japan, the world's No 1 MMA country, before he can be rightfully considered No 1 fighter.

yeah chief, thanks for stealing my post and making a thread out of it lol

Randy has beaten both of the guys who beat Vanderlei...

Randy has beaten better fighters than Vanderlei has...

Randy would destroy Silva in a cage or ring...

Randy is the #1. light-heavyweight in the world.

TheHun wrote: "Randy lost to Vitor in their first fight."

Nope, Randy destroyed Vitor in their first fight.
In the rematch, Couture lost on a fluke cut.
In their third fight, Randy destroyed Vitor again.

Like I said on another thread, Swap opponents and then see what the records are...it's no comparison.

Mezger was doing well against Silva until he got KO'd and the Henderson fight was pretty close.

Funny how this wasn't meant as a Couture bash but it required two threads to say the exact same thing.

I love Randy. He is an ambassador of the sport. However, I don't like to picture him in a ring. He is a true cage warrior. Ring? maybe not.

"Mezger was doing well against Silva until he got KO'd and the Henderson fight was pretty close"

Minus the bomb hendo landed it was not close. If Dan wasnt a member of the Tough Skin Hall of Fame he would have been messed up.

We could say the same thing about the Belfort/Silva fight. Funny how Silva can always be a 'different fighter' but Hendo hasn't evolved at all. BS.

the only way to know for sure is for them to fight. otherwise we are just speculating. however, this fight need to occur in order to grow the sport.

Couture beat Liddel when he was ranked # 2 and some people even had liddell @ #1. Couture beat Tito when Tito was ranked # 1. Couture beat 2 of the 3 men who have beaten Vanderlei - Tito and Belfort. Couture has OWNED everyone he fought at LHW.

Vanderlei OTOH, lost to guys that Couture has beaten, has been knocked down by several guys, and was in seroius trouble against rampage.

Randy is easily #1. Vanderlei has however proven himself a strong #2. And Rampage is still #3.

bah who cares, couture, tito, liddell, just a bunch of guys who can't cut the mustard in pride, which is where it matters

Curious note:

UFC wants to match up with Pride. Pride is afraid to match up with UFC.

Couture as a LHW, well he beat the top guys in the class, while Silva has lost to the top guys Tito and Vitor.

The FREAK cut has to be looked at for what it was. Do you think Cro Cop gloats in his win against post-roided Barnett.

I looked up Silva's recent record: talk about a hand picked selection of easy victims, mostly tomato cans with sub .500 records.

Win Quinton Jackson KO PRIDE 28-High Octane 10/31/2004

Win Yuki Kondo KO PRIDE-Final Conflict 2004 8/15/2004

Win Ikuhisa Minowa KO (Punches) PRIDE-Bushido 2 2/15/2004

Win Quinton Jackson TKO (Strikes) PRIDE-Final Conflict 11/9/2003

Win Hidehiko Yoshida Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE-Final Conflict 11/9/2003

Win Kazushi Sakuraba KO (Punch) PRIDE-Total Elimination 2003 8/10/2003

Win Hiromitsu Kanehara TKO (Towel) PRIDE 23-Championship Chaos 2 11/24/2002

Win Tatsuya Iwasaki TKO (Strikes) PRIDE-Shockwave 8/28/2002

Draw Mirko Filipovic Draw PRIDE 20-Armed and Ready 4/28/2002

Win Kiyoshi Tamura TKO (Punch) PRIDE 19-Bad Blood 2/24/2002

Win Alexander Otsuka TKO (Doctor Stoppage) PRIDE 18-Cold Fury 2 12/23/2001

Win Kazushi Sakuraba TKO (Doctor Stoppage) PRIDE 17-Championship Chaos 11/3/2001

Win Shungo Oyama TKO (Strikes) PRIDE 14-Clash of the Titans 5/27/2001

Win Kazushi Sakuraba TKO (Strikes) PRIDE 13-Collision Course 3/25/2001

Win Dan Henderson Decision PRIDE 12-Cold Fury 12/9/2000

NC Gilbert Yvel No Contest - Yvel Kicked in Groin PRIDE 11-Battle of the Rising Sun 10/31/2000

Win Guy Mezger KO (Punches) PRIDE 10-Return of the Warriors 8/27/2000

Win Todd Medina KO (Knees) Meca 2-Meca World Vale Tudo 2 8/12/2000

Loss Tito Ortiz Decision UFC 25-Ultimate Japan 3 4/14/2000

Win Bob Schrijber Submission (Choke) PRIDE Grand Prix 2000-Opening Round 1/30/2000

Win Daijiro Matsui Decision PRIDE 8-PRIDE 8 11/21/1999

Win Carl Malenko Decision PRIDE 7-PRIDE 7 9/12/1999

Win Tony Petarra KO (Knee to the Head) UFC 20-Battle for the Gold 5/7/1999

Win Eugene Jackson Submission (Punches) IVC 10-World Class Champions 4/27/1999

Win Adrian Serrano KO (Punches and Kick) IVC 9-The Revenge 1/20/1999

Loss Vitor Belfort TKO (Strikes) UFC Brazil-Ultimate Brazil 10/16/1998

My god look at the undersized, poorly skilled opponents, not counting a worn out Rampage in their 1st match. Had the bell not sounded in round 1 last night, Rampage had the win in another 10-15 seconds, but that is the luck of the bell.

Clearly Couture is an unbelievable fighter at LHW. No one can stop his ownage, except his own age. Pride is afraid to put Silva in the ring with him. UFC has much better top fighters and the UFC is willing to put it on the line, while PRIDE loves mismatches and uses very poorly skilled fighters in order to satisfy the Japanese fanbase.

My apologies for the cluttered mess of Silva's wins... cut and paste didn't work as I had hoped.

Silva was impressive last night but Randy dispatching Chuck, Tito, and Vitor is more impressive imo.