Randy ranked higher than Silva?

I'm glad to see some recent correctness on this thread

For you guys who think Randy is NOl.1, What would it
take for Silva to be No.1 (without fighting Randy)?

A win over Arona?
Personally I think Arona is the NO.4 LHW in terms of ability.

A win over Fedor?

These look likely to be 2 of his next 3 opponenets. Surely wins over these guys would make Sila No.1 right?

I swear Silva is going to have to kill someone, literally, in the damn ring to get some respect.

You have to admit though, even if you're a huge Randy fan, that just by the unparalleled violence that Silva dispatches of his opponents is worthy of respect, no?

I mean isnt Silva's brutal onslaught that dispatched Quintin more impressive than Randys 3 round GnP of a lack luster Vitor?

it would be like rocky vs drago. drago is ferocious. but you cant kill rocky!

it's about time we get some of the more educated mma ppl on here and not the retarded ones that think silva is so good dispatching ham and egger pro wrestling japanese. it's almost like the illusion of roy jones jr. both silva and jones are pampered with low skilled opponents.

lets face it if silva had to face the top lhw competition out there that resides in ufc we wouldn't even be having this discussion cause vanderlei would be like baroni always a threat but loses to the top competition

It's just so funny that some people still use the A beats B beats C logic, and believe in it. Especially using statistics from gazillion years ago!

So, to humor these little twats, what if Silva wins against CroCop Dec. 31st, who just beat Barnett....?
Would it make Silva Randy's equal or better than him?


"Randy ownwed Tito and Vitor. Tito and Vitor have both beaten Silva. Sure Silva has improved but you can't argue with facts and those are the facts. Until Randy loses to someone Silva has beaten, Randy is ranked higher than Silva."

Rankings should be based on your prev Recent performances.....That is why you don't see Horn ranked above Chuck even though he beat him. Randy lost to Vitor so he can't be #1. It's kinda like college football rankings.

"A win is a win. You can't base a ranking off of more impressive wins because that is BCS logic and we all see how well that shit works in college football."

Correct. A KO in 1min and a 5 round Dec are both worth one W. However, I dont see how you can argue that Randy is bveating guys as decisively as Silva. Yes, Randy wins, but ask any of Silvas previous opponents who they would rather face and 9/10 will say Randy.

Shit, they would both murder me, but i would get in the cage with Randy way faster than getting in the ring with Silva.

All this is coming from one of the original Randy fans.

These two have to fight.

Silva is a great fighter and a warrior. To say that he is #1 is a stretch.

I truly believe Couture would take him out of his gameplan, and Couture always does well as the underdog, and certainly in this fight he would be considered the underdog by many. Randy will clinch with dominate wrestling skills, and reduce Silva's ability to unleash the fury. This would go much lie the most recent fight with Belfort. Instant clinch, then ground and pound with vicious elbows (UFC), knees (Pride). Silva would become a bloody mess.

I hope Pride has the BALLS to hook this one up. You know it must be in the making, otherwise why would Silva have showed up after Coutures win.

Maybe they will add this to Shockwave as Randy doesn't fight in the UFC until April 2005. Silva should be ready to go.

Couture KNOWS that Silva stands in the way of his unanimous claim to the LHW title. I have no doubt that Couture would come through.

Team Quest is an Ultra Intelligent fighting club, right? I am sure Couture and co., and put together a winning plan.

This would be one of the greatest fights of all time and put the Silva lovers one step back to the #2 spot where Silva should rightfully be.

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Trigg says Silva is the better fighter, yet he believes Couture would win in both the cage and the ring.

I agree.

Thanks for listening. Hopefully soon, we can have the dream match.. probably even better than the Fedor/Nog III, which by the way Fedor will win.


People fail to realize that Randy, or anyone for that matter, has their GnP severly limited without the cage. If you dont understand why this is true please leave the thread. Shit, imagine if Fedor fought in a cage.

Silva has demonstrated time and time again that he is far from a chump while on his back. He moves extremely well and is great and retaining guard and can get to his feet if you give him a tiny bit of space. Couple that with decent submission attempts (enough to keep the guy on top honest) and you have a guy who up till now has never been beat down from that position.

Could Randy get north/south and rain the knees? maybe. But I think thats easier said than done and people are short changing Silva.

In Pride, with no elbows i cant see Randy stopping Silva.

In the Cage he would have a far better shot. IMO his only shot. But Tito went 5rnds pretty much no worse for wear, so i dont think its a stretch to say Silva could at least do that.

Johnny Blaze, just because I have only 32 posts does not mean I have not been watching the UFC since 15 and Pride since 12. I have seen all Randy's fights, and all along I knew his skill.

Sure Randy would be at more of a disadvantage without a cage, but his skill in wrestling and the clinch would prove effective in preventing in Silva from striking.

Why then is Pride afraid to put Silva in the ring with Couture? They do not want to have their champion tarnished. If you would have happened to carefully read my post, you would have noticed that I said Randy would be considered the underdog by MANY, like you for instance. yet, I do not think he is an underdog, nor does Frank Trigg (another newbie).

Randy will come out of this fight looking just like his training partner Dan Henderson.

"Randy will come out of this fight looking just like his training partner Dan Henderson"

Even though Hendo got worked, i swear that dude didnt have a mark on him. Maybe that is your point.

We need to stop with speculation and look at the facts, and the facts clearly indicate that Silva is No. 1, and Couture is No. 2, with Rampage a very close No. 3.

Pride did put up Yoshida vs. Silva and Liddell vs. Rampage. Such matchmaking leads me to believe they wanted a fresh Silva to go against Rampage/Liddell. Putting Liddell against both Rampage and Silva makes his way to the top much harder than Yoshida then Silva.

This would lead to my speculation of fear by Pride.

What about the Nog/Ricco fight? There still remains much controvesy as to why the decision went to Nog. Perhaps under Pride rules he did win, but still it makes you wonder if Pride protects its own image.

Why would Pride want to risk their champ losing to the UFC? If Silva wins, what do they gain? The sport is bigger in Japan, and become second best to UFC, well I do not think that would fare well for Pride. UFC is coming up, they have some great fighters... it is less of a bloodsport, but the UFC does have some excellent matchmaking... and a PRIDE/ UFC war would put much of this speculation to rest.

No I have not spoken to Pride, but I think we all know that Pride's motives should be questioned. For a competitive match, why throw tomato cans at Silva. Seems like pure stupidity to me, or rather like they are giving free wins out!

man this is hopeless but you realise if silva stayed in the ufc we wouldn't even be having this discussion he woulda been eliminated from the big show long time ago. If I'm not mistaken Tito Ortiz sent the savage brazilian packing.

"UFC wants to match up with Pride. Pride is afraid to match up with UFC"

are you an idiot? do you follow the sport? seeing as how youve been a member for like less than a year, and seeing this comment, im guessing youve only followed the sport for several months. go back and check out fights over the past couple years, such as when pride allowed liddell to fight in their events numerous times (the last of which he lost) and when ricco lost to nogueira in pride...

Randy may actually BE better than Wand, but he doesn't deserve to be ranked higher.

Wand is unbeaten for how many fights / years? Randy is what, 5-4 in his last 9 fights? Wand is 8-0-1 in his last nine fights, winning by KO or TKO in all of eight of his wins and a draw against Mirko Cro-Cop. The list of "beatens" by KO or TKO in his last 9 fights: Rampage TWICE, Yuki Kondo, Yoshida, Sakuraba, Kanehara, and Iwasaki.

Wand deserves the #1 ranking; period.


This will basically come down to the Pride or UFC faithful picking their favoured event.

Randy is the #1 at LHW just going off recent results.... However, I think Silva would beat him in a fight, thus I say Silva.

pulsar's correct (as usual)