Randy=Roger Clemens.Yes or no?

Do we think the same of both of these legends,or do we give either or both the benefit of the doubt?

is their a trainer claiming he jammed needles into Coutures ass? lol @ Clemens getting the benefit of the doubt and not Bonds


Rogan referred to HRT for Couture, so I'm assuming that Couture's was done by the book.

Bonds and Clemens are both cheaters.

no opinions?

No evidence that Couture has ever been juiced.

However, if I had to be on it I would say yes.

anyone that thinks couture does not do hgh is naive, imo

Um, until Randy gets caught, you don't have anything to base juicing
claims off of. It's all hearsay and quite possibly slander.

"Bonds and Clemens are both cheaters."

can you prove this? If not then it is slander just like the Mitchell report.

Neither athlete has tested positive for steroids. End of story until a positive test shows up.

Couture may or may not have done GH. No proof he has, nor that he hasn't.

The Wrestling Observer a few months ago had as story that completely debunked Couture and HRT. Both California and Nevada commissions, which tested him, went on record as saying there was nothing to that story. Neither commission allows HRT without a special exemption. Randy never asked either commission for an exemption.

Of course he has.

Not many men can compile 16-8 records without cheating, or somehow be physically more capable at 40+ than they were at 30.

oh fuck off already

"Neither athlete has tested positive for steroids"

Bonds did. That's part of his indictment.

Too answer the original question, Randy has never even been accused, so no I don't think of them the same.

Shut your mouth Randy juice!


"lol @ Clemens getting the benefit of the doubt and not Bonds"

Well it's pretty clear that the Feds think they can nail Bonds with his own grand jury testimony and BALCO drug tests. He'll likely get a fair and lengthy trial. Also, people in general, and especially the media don't particularly care for Bonds' attitude, veiled threats, interjection of race and racism into the situation, and the habitual nature of the ruse he is trying to perpetrate.


"You'd be surprised at what a healthy diet and lifestyle could do for you."

And you'd be even more suprised at what a well-designed steroid program could do for someone who ate a healthy diet and had a healthy lifestyle.

You are insane if you think Randy Couture was not on steroids. Oh, I mean HORMONE REPLACEMENT-- sorry.

He admited it you idiots. He called it hormone replacement, but it's the same thing.

Test E is Test E.