Randy... Team Player?

Hippocrate! All along Randy played the "Team Green" thing; held a meeting when the team called out Leben, seemed concerned with the "Team", made flowery comments about the "Team". Then when it comes time to cut someone, he let's the undisputed WORST team player stay because he has grit. Is this a "Team" thing or not. NOT!

I felt betrayed. Is there a place for a "team" in this sport?

Maybe MMA should be a team sport; Team Qwest vs ATT vs BTT... Different weight clases could make it a team sport like college wrestling.

Randy is there to find the best overall fighter. I don't believe he should have to enforce the house rules. That should be Dana's job, or maybe expand Willa's role and make her responsible for that.

I do agree that the eliminations were a bit lame. However, overall I do like the show. The fights, I believe, start next week.

If you don't have dedicated training partners (a team)you won't learn anything. You need a team to succeed.

I do agree ironmik. However you need strong, intelligent, athletic, etc., men to make an unbeatable team. The two men (Canadian-Josh and Chris) were not in shape. They came into the training out-of-shape.
Plus, Chris S. was a snitch. I wouldn't want him on my team either.

Plus, the show has to get ratings in order to succeed, realistically. It is a business venture for the UFC.
Leben is the guy everyone doesn't like. Whether you like it or not, he keeps viewers tuning in, imho.


lol at Willa Ford enforcing house rules. That was a joke right? Maybe she should stay in the house with the guys and enforce the asparagus head rule.

LOL@ironmik I think even Willa could handle the asparagus, but maybe we are giving her too much credit!!!!

andy57 - i agree with you 100%. I just felt like TUF played up the Team thing and then dropped it like it was a turd.

Just made me think... why couldn't there be teams? Like the USA Olympic Boxing Team, college wrestling teams, Dojo vs Dojo, etc.

Why doesn't UFC play up the "Team"? Lions Den vs Hammar House, ATT vs Team Qwest, BTT vs Ronald McDojo. Compete as teams, total up team scores, determine a TEAM champion throughout a season. It would add a new element, build team support, make the "Team" aspect more important. Would it work??

The problem is that this is a reality show. I would love to have "the team thing" also. However, I don't believe it will happen on Spike TV. I do think it is an awesome idea though.

I was curious when Randy had to make his selection which Chris he was going keep.

There was another thread that addressed the point "Why have house rules if you don't plan on enforcing them?"

It will be interesting to see how the show is run from this point forward.

I thought Leben was out for sure, and I think even Leben thought Leben was out. It was just a huge philosophical shift when Randy kept him. Made me re-think the whole team concept as applicable to MMA.

Instead of pointing out reasons why he (Chris S.) should be chosen to stay, Chris S. pointed out reasons why Chris L. should leave. He chose to put someone else down rather than bring someone else up. I think Randy took that under consideration.

The problem with Randy keeping Leben is that he has basically said f the team for one guy. I think if it was anyone, but his teammate Leben would have probably gone home.

"Instead of pointing out reasons why he (Chris S.) should be chosen to stay, Chris S. pointed out reasons why Chris L. should leave. He chose to put someone else down rather than bring someone else up. I think Randy took that under consideration."

I have no doubt it was editted to seem that way. The guy probably said his peace on why lebon should go, but I have no doubt that he also said why he should stay.

dude made a beeline to randy to tattle on leben i dont see how you can edit that... and for what? taking a walk around the block and giving them some peace and quiet?

the look on randys face when sanford was speaking seemed like "if you said anything but what you are saying you'd stay here"

Goku - I don't disagree with you conceptually, but if you said that to my HS or college wrestling coaches you wouldn't have been wrestling on their "team".

Leben is a better fighter and in better shape than Chris was. So as far as what's going to be best for the team, Leben's the guy that you need to keep.

How many of you guys that train do so with sub-par, out of shape people, who you can tap or outstrike all day, every day? It doesn't make you any better as a fighter if you don't have good competition in training.

As far as the "house rules" go.....Yeah, I don't know why the hell they even mention them if they're not going to be enforced.

I don't think someone should be kicked off the show if they break a rule, though. I'd rather see the guy punished in training.

Anyone ever break a rule or do something you weren't supposed to do in football or wrestling, or any high school/college athletics?

Up-Downs and wind sprints until you fuckin' puke? Or did my coach just really hate me?