Randy The natural Couture

After getting off the phone to my good friend Randy he asked me to tell everyone that all the information re the seminar is at www.extremejjg.com (this is true)and yes the seminar will cover nutrition and training not just technique. There will also be training handouts to all participants. I will be personally making it a 4 day weekend with the NHB show on thursday and then the seminars on the weekend. This is worth the flight from anywhere in the country. Trust me I'm a gynaecologist!!!!!!

Well said Paul Dallow.

I would also like to take a moment to thank my wonderful coach,John Donehue,for generously covering all the costs for my 4 day NHB "Starlight Foundation Make a Wish" Weekend.

Thanks again Coach.

Paul Dallow

If anyone has any further questions re the Randy seminars please post them here and either me or myself will do our best to answer them.

I would also like to announce that after re-reading my first post I have realised that I should leave the attempts at comedy to the professionals.

This is true.

Paul Dallow.

How much is the seminar in Perth?
Do you need to have any previous MMA experience?

Aaah my young APPRENTICE.

The seminars are $195 for the 2 days-What a bargain!

As far as experience goes,if you have none or little grappling experience that is no problem at all.In fact it will be an advantage for you as you will get to learn correct technique in the first place.

I strongly recommend that you check out www.extremejjg.com for further contact details and book your spot before there are none left.

Just got off the phone to Coach Donahue guys! He is so
happy with ticket sales to the fight on Thursday that
he has offered to let any one come to the Randy
Couture seminar for free as long as they train with Mr
Dallow. he is not happy that Mr Dallow told everyone
he is going for free, so now wants to make up for it
by opening the doors to everyone.

I'm sorry to disappoint you all but I'll be too busy working with Randy on his technique to spare any time training with the general public.

I will however be bringing plenty of glossy photos of myself to sell to all my fans for a modest fee of $15 each.