Randy/Vitor points to consider

Randy Couture has the advantages in standing striking, striking on the ground, wrestling, position, submission, aggression, athleticism, experience, psychological, etc, etc, etc.

Anything can happen but I see no advantage for Vitor Belfort in this fight.

sebastian bach works in a walmart distribution center. he loads boxes onto trailers and cleans up the place for overtime hours. overtime pays time and a half you know.

This isn't the same kid Couture faced 7 years ago. Vitor will out strike Couture standing, but look for Couture to try the clinch take down game. Vitor needs to avoid this to win. Vitor cannot wrestle with Couture, but if Couture tires at all, this could change. I see Vitor winning by round 3 or 4 by strikes or Couture getting a decision. It will be exciting either way.

Is that true about Sebastian Bach working at Walmart?

Vitor's punches are faster and LOOK good, but Randy is a much more focused and solid boxer than Vitor.

lol at Randy being more athletic than Vitor.


What's to laugh at? Can Vitor Snatch 225 or more? What about comparing plyometric power and sprint times? Randy is a world class wrestler that has also done the Eco-Challenge. He is also a Strength & Conditioning coach at a University.

I guarantee you that Couture is a much better athlete than Vitor.

Oh, I see.

Since Randy has moved down to LHW he now has the same strategy as Tito. Take the guy down and pound them. He just happens to be much better at it than Tito. Now that he's fighting people his size there isn't anybody he can't take down much easier without expending alot of energy. He want stand with Vitor at all. He will take him down and go to work. I think he has really worked his sub defense also so I don't see vitor getting any subs. Vitor hasn't been the best MMA sub man anyways. I see this fight being stopped in 3 or 4 with Randy still the champ.

this fight will end by round 2

Bottom Line is Randy really doesnt box does he he just knows how to fight...He doesnt have a style its just beat the fuck outta ya style.....And hes just gonna beat the hell outta Vitor again...

What about Vitor's soccer skills though. That's one sport that requires big time athleticism.

Samoa is a Vitor nuthugger so don't bother trying to reason with him.


Awww, you hurt my feelings.


of course randy wins in all the categories you MADE UP!

Now how about punching power, explosiveness, stamina (toss up), etc.

this is a better mauchup than randy vs chuck or tito. Not saying vitor is better but the fight will be way more exciting and competitive.

randly and vitor are athletes, tito and chuck are fighters.

"Randy didn't even know to put both hooks in when he had Tito's back."

Randy didn't want both hooks in.

If he got both hooks in and Tito turned, Randy would be on the bottom for the first round.

Instead he played it safe and stayed on top and won the fight.

Maybe he's better than you think...;)

Hush yo mouth 'bout captain america!

Vitor is a much better at striking and submissions than Randy. The are both great athletes. Randy has an edge in wrestling and is much more sound mentaly than Vitor. We will soon see who the better man on the night is, but I will venture to say that if randy wins it will be by ground and pound. He will not out strike or submit Vitor.

I'm not going to be the one to "break" news, I'll let someone else do it.

But apparently there are some things going on in RandyLand that just might damage his supposed "psychological" advantage.

In light of this info, I am really expecting Vitor to win this fight.

I don't think Randy will be coming into this fight with the same usual mental toughness.

And to me, that was the only way Randy was going to win this fight.

Anything going on in "Randyland" is not to worry about. He is the most experienced competitor to ever enter the Octagon. When training for fights like this, there is no such thing as "Randyland".

I worry when I see how much you guys seem to know Randy will win.
Randy seems to usually win when you guys think he's gonna get killed.
He's just like Belfort.When you guys write him off he bounces back.When you guys say he's god he stumbles.
The writing is on the wall.
I say Vitor.