Randy VS Fedor........

Who would win this and is Fedor losin credebility by not fighting the best lately???

None of your questions have been done to death on the UG. Thank you for bringing some variety to the forum.

^Wow. How is that even possible??

That's cool. It's good to know my post count has anything to do with this.

That is a hell of a lot of posts dude. I waste WAY too much time on this site and still don't have that many posts. Are you just on all day? Seriously?

LOL @ you not being able to post while you work at Mcdonalds.

If Van Arsdale can throw Randy, Fedor can. Once Randy is on his back, he's through. If Fedor ends up on bottom, he's got a killer gaurd to Randy's sub defense. Or Randy just takes him down, presses him against the cage, and beats the sh!t outta him. Either way, I'm in.

wow, and here I thought the headlines were reading Fedor/Choi. I must have been daydreaming of the dumbest way to debut Fedor... good thing he's really fighting Randy. whew.

"LOL @ you not being able to post while you work at Mcdonalds."

Is this directed at me? If so, I guess you've answered my question. Stupid posts like this is how you got your post numbers so high in so little time. Go outside.

I think it would be a good fight for both...Randy wants Fedor and Fedor needs top apponent. Any promoter knows setting up that fight would be the most profitable event in mma history. Pay Fedor what he wants it will all come out in the wash..