Randy vs. Sapp

Who do you think would win? How do u see it going?

Sapp gets worn down and inside tripped. Couture by G&P. Horrible matchup in general, though.

"Horrible matchup in general, though."

Why horrible -- It'd be a battle

I guess you picture It'd be a long slow boring ground and pound by Randy -- could be.. in that case it might be boring.


Most non-strikers would have a very, very tough time with him. If your gameplan depends on taking it to the ground and controlling him, a la Nog or Randy, then you simply have to outlast him -- he's too big and strong to do anything with until he's gassed, and you're going to take a hell of a beating until he gets to that point.

I don't think most guys would survive long enough. I think it'd be Sapp by stoppage, round 1 (at least in a 10-minute Pride round).

Sapp by TKO in round 2

I think we might see Randy use some Ju Jitsu in this one.

Yeah, Randy by takedown and choke or armbar in first few minutes

Randy would destroy Sapp. He would take Sapp down 2 seconds into the fight & mount him. Sapp would panic and give up his back. Randy by RNC RD1. Same with Coleman vs Sapp.

this fight is not going to happen.

If it's even possible to talk about a weakness in Randy it is when he fight guys bigger than him.But I think he'd get Sapp down and G'n'p him into sub. Rd 1

i dunno, the only reason mino won was due to his BJJ,

it enabled him to survive till sapp tired. Would Randy

be able to protect himself like that???

Is Sapp gonna stop Randy's dub?

You are a dumbass if you think so.

Randy was a WRESTLER. Staying on top is the name of the game, there.

Randy would destroy him.

LOL at people saying Randy would take Sapp down and mount/pound him or choke him in the first couple minutes. Yeah, no way could Sapp just throw Randy off of him like he did to Nogueira. That's if Randy could get that monster down in the first place and not be piledriven into oblivion.

It wasn't so much Nogueira's BJJ that won him that fight, it was his chin and incredible toughness. He could have just as easily pounded Sapp out at that point. It's just a matter of lasting to that point, and I don't think most fighters could.

God, I hope this match happens.

It appears that I would take all of you fools money ;)

Sapp would win. He's just to big and strong for Couture to handle.

Sapp doesn't like being hit. If someone could just get and stay on top of him they'd be able to GnP him. But Mino sure had a tough time and he's way bigger than Randy... he's a great grappler as well but does he have as good base and balance as Randy? Doesn't Mino fight from his back most of the time ? On the other hand, Sapp might be better now than he was back then, the Mino-fight was early in his career.... Nah, Randy'd stop him early.

If you take away the stupid shoot Nog did that got him spiked, it's much easier to deal with Sapp. I never understood why Nog just didn't stay on the feet, kickbox and move, tire Sapp out, THEN go for the takedown. Sapp can't do much if you make him chase and box you, but when he's fresh he's tough to clinch with.

Randy could outbox sapp easily, and he's got a good chin in case of the freak sapp blow landing.