Randy vs Silva- Ever Happen?

I was recently at a team quest seminar and Randy happened to mention that he would love a fight against Wand Silva (what good fighter wouldn't. So I was wondering what you guys think. Will it ever happen and who would win?

I think Randy would ahve to refight vitor and win even though the last win was kinda close to being a no-contest.

I think Randy would win, but he is getting a little too old for this.

I still think he's got a few good ones left in him. He will definitely get his title back before the end. His conditioning is as good as ever too.

Doesn't he have a bunch of fights left with UFC ? but Pride/K-1 has a way of getting these guys..

hopefully he wouldn't just hold vanderlei down...

sometimes I get nervous when wrestlers fight because they can get fuckin boring

I am going to go out on a limb and say vanderlei by sub or possibly ko

KO is a definite possibility but I really can't see silva subin Randy. No way.

the shitty one lol

bsf is right, randy isn't impossible to sub and vanderlei(if I am not mistaken) is a brown belt in bjj

he had some close subs on yoshida and sakuraba, why not randy?

Yea, but I think Randy has MAJORLY improved since then. He's definitely more cuatious and has brushed up his ground skills. If someone is going to submit him it will have to be a straight up bjj dude. Like nog or something.

Actually sorry, Nog would definitely tap randy our. Vitor would be a better example for me previous msg.

Nog would difinately lose. So would Silva. Man I bet those guys nutts are sore from all you huggers on here who are so stupid..

I'm more of a Randy fan than a Nog fan. And i'd have to say that Nog would beat randy only because he's heavier and bigger. And whether or not Silva would win is the question in this thread. I myself have no idea who would win.

Yea, watch Vitor go next...

"Yea, but I think Randy has MAJORLY improved since then."

Who knows -- he hasn't fought a sub guy since then, since UFC had none at HW and still has none at LHW.

When Randy holds people down, it's exciting because he G and Ps them silly.

I think Randy would take it, and I don't think it's impossible we'll see this fight... I don't see either of those guys back away from it. Randy has said many times we wants Silva.

jeez wtf randys getting to old!!!!!!!!!,he beat a 28 year old prime tito,destoyed an in form chuck with ease didnt look gassed in the slightest!age has nothing to do with this fight,randy just gets better,he didnt start in ufc till age 34.god have you people no faith,randy will own silva.infact b4 this fight happens i think silva will get owned off a nobody,seriously i think hes overrated,and hel get exposed if randy fights him,if not sooner,then all the fucking bandwagon cock sucking nutthuggers will come out in droves randleman-tarver stylee saying how overated silva was,how washed up he was,how he never fought ant 1,randy has and will prove time and time again hes the greatest mma fighter ever,and will do it again when he beats silva!!!!!!!also silva is a bully who will be man handled by either randy or belfort,tito would even beat silva.il be flamed but time will tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!