Randy vs Tim UFC 68

MMAWEEKLY Radio said it's going down in Ohio.

Randy would be going down in Ohio. Stay retired Randy. Slurred speach is not for you!

"Ohhh man, thats awesome!!!"

What, slurred speach?

Well atleast it's not Sylvia vs Gonzaga.... Randy could have a chance.

Couture can't beat Sylvia

vera was on a thread earlier said hes still with ufc

vera vs cretard, they deleted the original

I cant wait i'm glad i got my tickets early

Finally have to root against big Tim. Sad day when a fellow Mainer turns on another. I just, I just can't root against Captain Dad Strength. If you root against Randy, you basically are cheering for babies to be stabbed with rusty pitchforks.

Couture will win. Believe it.