Randy with FOTY trophy

Congratulations to
Full Contact Fighter
2003 Fighter Of The Year...


Well deserved.

Congrats to Randy! :)

serious question, why are the grapplers on his trophy....... naked?

now thats a trophy!!!!!!!!!!! it looks like a pankration statue i saw in greece once.

That is a classic sculpture, either Greek or Roman.

In the early beginnings of MMA, did they fight naked TRAINWRECK?

edited because of wrong name..... sheesh

That is an ancient Greek sculpture depicting The Pankration, which is considered the original MMA event. It was one of the first sports in the olympics.

They did fight naked. The FCC put a stop to that, though.

the ref would take a stick or staff and draw a circle
and tell the combatants to get it on! yes they fought naked and used olive oil to greese up. it was the spectical of the early olyipiads. the only award was for first.

Reminds me of this one time in prison...

Congtrats to Randy!.

The sad thing is that if they fought naked in the UFC it would get 500,000 PPV buys.

"serious question, why are the grapplers on his trophy....... naked?"

I bet they didn't often use the North-south/"teabag" position much in ancient grappling. ...at least I hope not.

I have to say, that's not the best statue for modern sensibilities.

here ya go............. I hope I fixed it....................

LOL@ momita. Thats much better.

That statue is classic and not a bit romo. Congrats to Randy.

well deserved

That is a sweet trophy.

You guys are so mean!

I saw the trophy in person. Couture came by to pick it up just a couple of hours before he reported to the arena to fight Belfort. The thing weighed a ton!

But, I think it meant a lot to him, and he didn't cover it up once on the plane!

Couture deserved it after shocking the world by dominating liddell and tito.