Randys next opponent should be. . . . .

 Mark Coleman!


The Evans- Silva winner.

Bluegrass - If Randy wants to wrestle, give him this guy ....


he looks like Gollum on roids

 Colemans starting to look like this guy...

 I have no interest in seeing Couture fight again unless its against Coleman.

frontrowbrian -  Mark Coleman


Randy should retire (again), his ability to compete is obviously fading and Tim Sylvia is not the champ anymore.

For some reason, I don't see Randy being interested in any more up and comers like Luis Cane or Thiago Silva. Yeah, he fought Vera this one time, but Randy only has a few more years left in him, and I'm sure he got a nice bonus for stepping up on somewhat short notice. If he doesn't get a title fight quite yet, he'll want a money fight.

I could see him fighting Rashad, and Rashad would take that fight with enough prep time. Coleman is an easy opponent to sell. I'd love to see Shogun vs. Couture, especially if Machida is going to be out awhile. However, I can see Coleman being the next opponent for some reason.

Jardine makes great sense....coleman works out at his gym..wont happen


I can't see him fighting anyone but an elite guy like Anderson, Machida or Rashad at this point

I can maybe see a Tito rematch only becuase it can headline and make massive $$$$$ for both guys

If Tito beats Forrest, I can see them do Randy vs Tito with the winner getting a title shot

I've wanted to see Randy vs Anderson for a long time at 205, I think this is a perfect time since Anderson doesn't really have a logical next opponent either right now

The way Vera gave him fits standing with his kicks and reach makes me think Randy will have a lot tougher time than I thought before