Randy's son wins by triangle

Ryan Couture's MMA debut

 The kid looks awesome!!


awesome, how old is he?

Not sure on his age but I did find this...

"Ryan Couture makes his first MMA Amateur debut tonight in Bellingham, Washington. Couture takes on Ricky Perez in the 160lb weight class."

Evan Tanner tribute beard FTW?

already posted a day ago.....too slow joe. :)

joe, we all know couture is your hero so what do you think the outcome of the fight will be? be honest, or atleast tell us who you think has the edge

CRE way to be a douche, make your 600th thread of the day and take that shit out of here.

Joe reminds me of Lenny Bruce.



 Hyan Couture imo

The question is, is Ryan cock? Is he pussy?


 Woooo hoooo ! Sweet !

CRE - I have supported you in the past, but you are getting old my friend.



 Didn't even know he had a son who was training.

 Apple doesnt fall far from the tree and Cre You are a douchebag