Range 15 (movie)


Anyone going to see this when it comes out? Didn't see a thread on it.
The movie doesn't look good, but it looks fun. It's got a bunch of ufc fighters and famous vets. Phone Post 3.0

Went and saw it last night, and I laughed. Its not a "good" movie, but has a lot of dark/veteran themed humor. Definitely very niche, and you probably won't enjoy it at all if you're not in that niche.

That said, I enjoyed myself, which is my sole metric of judging a movie. 

I plan on seeing it for sure. Phone Post 3.0


possibly the worst movie ever made

Will definitely see it.

Looks like a bad SciFi channel movie. Count me in! Phone Post 3.0

I watched with my wife and 14 year old boy. The wife made it 20 minutes before telling me it was inappropriate and leaving. My son made it to the zombie in the gas station before saying "That's it, I'm out".
I enjoyed it. Phone Post 3.0

Jarred Taylor was one of my students when he came through the TACP schoolhouse. Phone Post 3.0