Ranger School Pics

Ranger School Graduation Picture

Anybody else? Matt, I know you have one.


If somebody can post it here, thanks. Jeff

Is that you, bottom row third from the left?


Three down, three across. I lost 45lbs



Yes, that's me. I lost 30lbs during that course. You look like a skeleton w/ a thin layer of skin...lol


For grappler

For Larsen

Here goes mine, I was the Distinguished Honor Graduate of this class. (4 down from the top left, and 4 across)

My pic is huge. :(

Thanks, trainedkilla!! Yes your pick is huge.

You can tell the newer classes no OG107s (fatigues) allowed. Sad day when they took those uniforms away.


They were sharp with starch.

Fixed the pic but now you can not see it clearly.

ttt, rangers lead the way, hooah!