Ranger Up out as a UFC/Strikeforce sponsor

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                                Ranger Up out as a UFC/Strikeforce sponsor

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MMAPayout recently reported that Zuffa had imposed a sponsor “fee” – similar to the UFCs – that impacted several Strikeforce fighters heading into the Strikeforce HW GP: Overeem vs Werdum event. This time, the sponsor fee will prevent MMA fighters Tim Kennedy and Liz Carmouche from wearing the Ranger Up brand during their upcoming bouts.

Ranger Up President Nick Palmisciano spoke to MMAPayout regarding the current situation between Strikeforce/UFC and Ranger Up:

“We are in fact “out” [as sponsors], but are still supporting all of our athletes financially as if they wore the Ranger Up logo into the cage. We also completely understand and have no issue with Strikeforce’s position. It is a sign the sport is growing. We hope to be back in Strikeforce and the UFC soon, but until then continue to support and sponsor military athletes at all levels, and are very proud to have been able to advance the sport in the military community these past 5 years.”

Payout Perspective:

You have to feel bad for sponsors who have grown their brand side-by-side with their sponsored fighter from the small shows to the “big stage” and have continually supported their endeavor to pursue MMA. Most fighters would not have reached the “big stage” without those sponsors who gave them a revenue stream when they were just starting out.  In terms of MMA as a business, it makes perfect sense for Zuffa to apply the tax, though it becomes a tough and critical transitional stage for many fighter-sponsor relationships. For most smaller-scale sponsors, it just doesn’t make any fiscal sense to be paying the Zuffa sponsor fee, specially someone as unique as Ranger Up, who specializes in helping the troops and is not just focused on increasing brand exposure through the signing of numerous fighters.

“Sponsoring a guy does not do anything for you,” he asserted. “It’s sponsoring people, over time, that you believe in, that share your values, that are going to represent the brand well. Taking care of them, they will take care of you. It’s building something that has substance. No one event is going to make you a successful company.”

Ranger Up stressed that supporting the troops will always be the primary focus of Ranger Up, whether it’s through sponsorship in MMA or other events, such as the All-Army Combative Tournaments where Tim Kennedy has made a name for himself over the years. Ranger Up is currently sponsoring over 100 troop members pursuing MMA in smaller events.  “Anyone who has honorably served or serves our country will get our support. Whether it’s inside the cage or just personifying what Ranger Up stands for” said Palmisciano. Ranger Up currently sponsors notable UFC/Strikeforce fighters Tim Kennedy, Liz Carmouche, Brian Stann, Jorge Rivera, and Tim Credeur to name a few.

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Strikeforce middleweight Tim Kennedy said on Thursday's edition of Bloody Elbow Radio that he'll be foregoing other sponsors for his fight next week with Robbie Lawler at "Strikeforce/M-1 Global: Fedor vs. Henderson," opting for blank shorts and shirts.

"I've been with Ranger Up for six years. They've been so loyal to me in every single way they possibly can supporting me as a sponsor. Even though I can't be wearing them on my shorts, I won't be wearing anybody. I'm going to reciprocate that. It's going to be symbiotic.

"They've supported me and they're going to continue to support me, so I'm going to be wearing blank fight shorts. I've going to be wearing a blank T-shirt.

"Zuffa is a great company and they are very business minded and they're my bosses, so I can't argue how or why they do things, I can just do what they tell me. So I won't be wearing Ranger Up, but I'm definitely going to be supporting them in every way I can."

Kennedy said he hopes Ranger Up will be able to sponsor fighters by the end of the year.

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Yup , Zuffa is all about what is best for MMA and the fighters.

Cool of Tim to make a bit of a statement - if I can't use the sponsors I choose, I won't use a sponsor.

Glad to see Carmouche is fighting soon

how much moeny does zuffa need? jesus christ i always thot my rich uncle was the cheapest bastard in the world but man zuffa wtf, they are ruining mma whether people want to belive it or not, they make all this extra money yet ntohing to show for it, we get the same boring bullshit ufc production, with shitty ass cards

being a fan of mma since i cant even remember, its sad to see whats hapening, all we can hope for is some scandal or some shit to knock these moeny hungry monsters out of here

"Business as usual"


"sponsorship fee"

Honestly, how are these things legal?

The blank tee and shorts will make me a Kennedy fan.

I'd really love it if his banner were blank too. Phone Post

Douche - Yeah, I figured something was up after listening to Tim's interview on sherdog last week. the guy sounded frustrated as hell but really couldnt say what he wanted to.

Fuck Zuffa!

yeah i heard this too. its pretty messed up. i am not gonna say fuck zuffa... but they need to show some flex. they are hurting good people.

It's their ball you play by their rules or go home. It's obviously still a good deal for the sponsors or you wouldn't see any in the UFC.

I think it says a lot about Ranger Up to still pay their fighters even though they won't be wearing their logo in the cage. It's good to see they actually stand by their values and support the fighters they sponsor. Phone Post

I usually don't have a huge issue with the way Zuffa handles business but the sponsor thing is annoying. UFC has sponsors that advertise solely for them and not their fighters, not like they need a fee beyond that to sponsor fighters.

As long as the sponsor is a legit company with decent values, let the fighters choose who they want. It's the sponsors who help pay the fighters, let them choose. Especially considering the fact that the UFC put son a show for the troops, at least let Ranger up sponsor people to help support the troops. All in all it's bad PR to censor this.

I like what Kennedy is doing though.

Bisping is throwing a party.

 it's their business and the UG can't tell them how to run it.

if you disagree with their practices, go boycott their product or blog about it (lol)

the fact is, the UFC spends millions of dollars in ad revenue again to turn eyes to their product. Pepsi cans in a blockbuster movie pay for that product placement, why shouldnt MMA clothing companies pay for the exposure they gain via the UFC's ppvs?

it'd be nice business practice to offer a discount to long-term partners, but this is capitalism (unless Obama gets re-elected), and if the MMA clothing companies don't think its worth it, they won't pay the fee.

that simple


I better still be able to see 20 ads for Bud Light Lime plastered everywhere and listen to Goldie talk about the next upcoming shit-ass movie, in theaters soon.

That's what MMA is all about.  Go Zuffa!

If you don't like it, don't buy the shit you see in the cage.

That's because Zuffa hates America!

Daniel Carver - 
Hessian - Yup , Zuffa is all about what is best for MMA and the fighters.

The sad thing is that there are a lot of people on this site who truly believe that nonsense!

The UFC only cares about what's good for the UFC...NOT what's good for the fighters or even what's good for the sport.<br type="_moz" />

I see absolutely NO reason, no reason whatsoever that MMA CLOTHING sponsors get kicked from the UFC (other than say a holzer reich).

MMA CLOTHING sponsors are not hurting the budweisers of the world in any way. It's really quite ridiculous.

Hessian - Yup , Zuffa is all about what is best for MMA and the fighters.
Even better, Ranger Up services and is made up of military folks.  I thought Zuffa loved the troops?


Props to Ranger Up for still compensating the fighters. Stand up move on their part Phone Post