Ranger's Apprentice

if you enjoy the “Sword and Sorcery” genre and are an acolyte of the Lemur Method then you may well enjoy this series. I’ve read the first book and will continue with the series, good fun entertainment so far…

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What differentiates it from others in the genre? Anything unique or just another flavor of sword and sorcery?

it’s good enough that there is talk of it being made into a streaming series…first a movie was planned and now a streaming series is the talk

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Interesting. Will download it to the kindle and give it a whirl. VTFU.

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^let me know what you think? Definitely a Favorite Fiction for me!

The series has sold over three million copies. The series was originally twenty short stories Flanagan wrote for his son to get him interested in reading. Ten years later, Flanagan found the stories again and decided to turn them into a book. BookPeople, a bookstore in Texas, helped promote the book through a five-day camp in 2010. The series is well praised by critics.

The inspiration for the series comes from many sources, including family, friends, and European times. Rangers are based on two groups of people, the Texas Rangers and the US Army Rangers of World War II. Although the US Rangers were based on British Commandos, Flanagan felt it would be better to use Rangers because of the medieval setting of the book.[4] The mythical world of the story is based on England, Europe, and Scandinavia because Flanagan was inspired by “English and European culture and history”. Besides this, John Flanagan is also interested in military subjects, which helped him write the battle scenes.[4] Celtica’s mining culture is like Wales while Gallica takes its name and language from medieval France in its chivalric age around the year 1300.[5]

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and now I’m sharing with you another BIG WIN! I’m now on Book Three and each has been as entertaining as the last!

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on book 4 now…It’s got Vikings(by book 3) and Mongol/Hun types incorporated into the story!