Rani Yahya is awesome but...

I thought for sure he was going to get his head punted while he was
running around for that takedown.

He was running on instinct. He said he couldn't even remember the fight. Not bad considering.

Hominick knocks his ass out in a rematch, what more can you say.

Hey, at least he got Hominick to the ground which is more than a lot of his other opponents managed.

wc, hominick had the chance to knock him out tonight. why wait for
the rematch? once rani got ahold of him, he never let go. that was

Hominick nearly did knock his ass out with one shot. unfortunate dog on bone strategy. little skill but it got the job done.

Hominick was terrified of going to the ground. Thats why he kept turning he was more focused on defending the takedown attempts than punishing Rani for those atrocious takedowns.

"Hominick was terrified of going to the ground"

and Rani was terrified of standing. looking like a moron going for the takedown in desperation. what the fucks your point.

How is Hominicks Bjj? He choked out Yves but he seems to avoid the ground even at the expense of looking scared to go there.

I just wonder if the way he avoids the ground is more effective than a solid defence once you end up there.

"little skill but it got the job done. "

how bad could the skills be? he won the fight. he DID get the takedown, he DID out-grapple hominick, and he DID submit him. little skill? he had a game plan and he executed.

"How is Hominicks Bjj?"

good, competent against most, just not world class BJJ on the level of Rani ADCC champ. how is Rani's hands? ass? yes.

"I just wonder if the way he avoids the ground is more effective than a solid defence once you end up there."

well, look who he avoids the ground with. Rani a champ grappler, Gurgel a BJJ blacbbelt off a loss to Hioki who he did not avoid the ground with the first go around and paid for it. I dont think Hominick would avoid the ground against the majority of guys, and should look to avoid these match ups against pure world class submission guys for a while. They dont do his skills justice. still insanely young. take better match ups, build up your skills and knock their ass out down the road.

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Hominick knocks his ass out in a rematch, what more can you say.

Canadian detected.

They both looked bad trying to avoid their weaknesses

Did that remind anyone else of Jonathan Weizorek trying to take down Wade Shipp? In miniature, of course.

uriah will ko Rani

I was surprised to see Rani running in so recklessly. It's hard to believe that at 12-2 he is that uncomfortable on his feet... Maybe he just wanted to smother Homonich and not let him find his rhythm?

Anyway, it doesn't matter how many bad shots he takes, as long as one of them works. His Jiu-Jitsu is amazing.

Hey, I missed the fight, but was Erik Paulson in Rani's corner?


I agree that this fight looked like an old school style vs style fight... and what usually happend in the past is what happened tonight. The grappler eventually and inevitably got it to the ground where he made quick work of his opponent.

That being said, BOTH of these guys are faaaaaaaaaaar better and more skilled than that fight showed!

I love Hominick's fights and Rani is only going to get better and better and better with time, he's only 22 years old.

I look forward to watching these guys in the future!

There has NEVER been a post fight video that was as funny as that one. Rani couldn't comment on the fight because he didn't remember it.

Yes, his technique was horrible, but fuck it. That was old school and worked. Some guys try to have perfect takedowns and sometimes they dont happen in a fight.

Diego v Allesio comes to mind. That Rani guy was gonna get Ko'd trying god dammit. I respect that in a way.

Its refreshing to be the Anti Din Thomas clip that everyone was creaming over. Theres always room in the sport for both