Rani Yahya proves bjj still works

Rani better learn how to do some proper takedown set ups ASAP. Great fight though. I loved the way he charged Hominick with both arms stretched straight out totally ignoring the punches. I was just waiting for him to get smashed.

Crazy fight, I thought Mark would have KO'd him easily.

Congrat 2 HaHa :)

I don't think Mark was prepared for Rani shooting every 5 seconds. He was trying too hard to get back up and wasn't thinking about his BJJ enough, but it's probably a mistake to play BJJ with Rani in any case.

I thought it was a great fight.


Wait until you see Marcelo in MMA.

That I can't wait for. Has he been training for it?

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Called: "Marcelo taking MMA very srious!"

Someone needs to put this fight on youtube or something.

I didn't get to watch because I don't have Vs.

I was impressed by the way, once he got the takedown sort of, that he
pulled guard and didn't let Hominick just stand back up. Most guys
work to get the fight to the ground then go open guard and the
opponent just stands back up.

Once Rani got ahold of him, he wasn't letting go. It was only a matter
of time until Rani got the sub. The dude is amazing on the ground.

Most of those weren't really shots, more like zombie bear hug attempts, i.e. Night of the Living Dead. It was great though. I'm definitely looking forward to his next fight. I'd like to see him vs Faber. Bad match up for Faber IMO. Rani definitely has a chin and balls.

Bjj still works without doubt if you are more skill

"He made the shoulder lever on the tip of the chin cranking his neck sideways forcing him to lift his chin to avoid the neck crank."

Can you explain this further or are there pics of this? -very cool

Then again , I wonder if he could get Faber to the ground.

what i like about rani his bjj, he does not stop attacking. a lot of fighters just stop go position stop. rani aint like that. when rani gets you on the ground he attacks and attacks until he gets you. that is what makes rani his bjj so great to watch.

I train with Rani 3X a week and i was nervous for the first minute of the fight man! As soon as they clinched i knew it was over but jeez i was on the edge of my seat on that one!
After the fight Rani says to me in that familar brazilain accent "Big Tom, I'ma gonna shange za whole way i fight from now on" (I think he was referring to the takedowns,lol!)

Big 'English' Tom

he seemed like a really cool guy.

You know how Marcelo will start with an over and under ride when he is on a guys back, then makes a "lever" with the forearm, using the opponents shoulder as a fulcrum, with a Gable grip and uses this "lever" to pull the choking arm into place just before he closes the mata leao? Well, Rani did that except he used the back of the wrist of the choking arm to twist Mark's neck. This cranked his neck in the direction of the lever.The only way to relieve the pressure was for Mark to lift his chin over the torqueing wrist, thereby exposing the neck. It was HOT.