Rank top comedians currently

you should be ashamed of yourself. sebastian is garbage and shaub is worse.

Soon after that joke he does this one …maybe the best 1-2 punch ever in stand up?


I’ve enjoyed his participation on podcasts I listen to. Not a US native but I’ve definitely enjoy the resurgence of the East Coast comedian’s over the last few years. They’re just better all round.

Sebastian is 10x better than Gillis, Theo von or mark normand. None of those guys can even build a bit. Those guys jump from joke to joke to joke. Sebastian and his buddy will stay on one topic for 20 mins on their podcast because he can dissect anything like professional comedians are supposed to be able to do. They rarely talk about the latest political story or transgenders like all these other unfunny comedians that just repeat whatever topics are trending on Twitter.

I guess George Carlin wasn’t a comedian either

Didn’t laugh

Got it. Stand up comedy can only be done in one certain way. If someone doesn’t do it that way then they are not a comedian. Thanks for clearing that up.

That was excellent. Is that his best bit?

Jeselniks entire specials are good imo. His roasts sets too.


Jeselnik had one of my favorite Roast joke of all time:

“Jeff Ross has been roasting people since Whitney Cummings was nothing but a glint in the eye of the man who raped her mother. “


Shane Gillis seems like a character, but does not remotely amuse me. I’ve watched about 2-3 hrs of his stuff. I don’t know if there was a single chuckle for me.

I’m not easily amused. Think most comedies suck, and I do love good comedy.

Jeselnik is my guy. He’s fucking harsh, but works for me these days. Gilbert was also, loved him.

Isnt #1 obvious?