Ranking System

Exactly when are they going to post 2004 results?

ttt, 2 ranked events completed now, the Arnolds and the Budweiser, where are the rankings.


how did you do at the arnolds?

Also check TnBJJFed.com we are having a tourney May 22


i won the blue belt featherweight. i had some tough matches againist the Alliance guys from Georgia again.
1st match i triangled the guy
2nd match tie score 0-0 both 1 advantage i won for being more agressive
3rd match i got caught in a triangle for about 2 minutes finally escaped and then choked the guy out from side control. I also got a beautiful takedown during this match.
4th match i pulled guard, sweep the guy, got caught in another triangle, escaped and then spent the rest of the match trying to past the guys guard.
This was a big win for me and i hope to 1 up it at the PAN AM's are you going to break in that new purple belt of yours?

BTW, I watched Pedro Brandao's matches, in the gi he was incredible, but, the no-gi was a lost cause do to Marcelo Gracia making everyone look like beginners.(even though they didn't roll) Pedro is still one of my favorite light fighters to watch. I wish him the best of luck at his next tourney.

Congrats on the the wins man.

I am going to try and do...

the Pedro Sauer Ky tourney on April3

Gokar's Submission Tourney April 17th

NAGA Atlanta May 2nd

MMA/Vale Tudo fight May 8th

TNBJJFed tourney on May 22nd

And the Nashville Grappling open in June 12

Shoot me a email sometime man and maybe you can come down and train with us. I've got a 4 bedroom house


We also just got our website up and running

Heliosoneca.com check it out