rap snacks


Reader Email: Romeo Is Making Moves

Please notice a few things about this incredibly delectable treat. They are only found in the hood, as per my coworker who purchased them. The bag is a steal at 35 cents. Not to mention the flavor……genius. And finally a good note to all kids “stay in school”. What a class act.

Make sure if your ever in the hood with a craving for chips, you look for some Rap Snack.

Holy shit I have to get my hands on all flavors of these. The Master P one says "start your own business" ha!

I remember years ago buying bag of St Lunatics chips that had Murphy Lee on the bag. Same vending machine sold magnums.... Phone Post 3.0

The lil Romeo honey BBQ chips are really good. Whenever I start seeing title loan places and pawn shops I know I can find a bag. Though, Red hot riplets are still the GOAT of all hood snacks.