Rapaport vs. Portnoy who ya got?

Think it will happen?

Mike Portnoy would kick Ian Rapaport's ass.

Portnoy would stick and move that fat fuck. Plus he knows the fight won’t happen cuz Rap doesn’t have $250,000

Please fill me in on whet this is about? Mike Portnoy the drummer? 

Dave Portnoy and Michael Rapaport. Barstool beef 

this is a bit of a stretch for the UG.

Rapaport looked shook when the one barstool guy got in his face. But he’s way bigger and Portnoy apparently can’t throw punches due to a bum shoulder. Has the makings of a windmill/slapfest 

Mike Mangini can outplay both with one hand. 

Why the fuck do we have to hear rapaport , ever?

Rapaport vs Baba Booey Is The Money Fight