Rape attack

During a rape attack, if the victim (woman) and the perpetrator (man) go to the ground, is it a good or a bad idea for the woman to put the man in her guard?

It's not rape if you pull out her tongue so she can't say no.


In my opinion, it is a crime NOT to teach women the guard. In a rape situation that is one of the positions they will be forced into, and how to defend from that position could be the balance between rape and assault.

My wife knows very little about fighting, but she knows how to grab and armbar, and some other basic submissions from guard.

If he lets up to unzip his pants in guard, he's gonna have and arm vulnerable to all types of submissions.

what I always advise women is that they shit or pee on the guy. that would give them a good chance of him freaking out and running the fuck away. :)

nasty, but effective.

If a girl pissed on me I wouldn't rape her...not that I'm a rapist or anything, just sayin.

Actually, the guard is probably a pretty good weapon for a woman in a rape situation because she's more in control than if she was just resisting stiffly.

For a man to gain penetration - the legs would have to be opened, and his hips need to be close enough to hers AND he has to unzip or get himself "ready". If the woman controls the distance and where her hips are in relation to her attacker it will be much more difficult.

Add to this that he would have NO knowledge of submissions or sweeps - she would have a good chance of pulling it off. Especially an armbar or triangle. Just think, if he's trying to rape her what are his hands usually doing?

They are either fiddling with his zipper (too low and opening himself up for submissions or sweeps) or he's trying to control her arms by pressing them down on the ground next to her head - again, with not too much strength she can escape her hips and pull off a submission.

This might not work for a totally delicate untrained female of 110 lbs versus an imposing male - but the reality is that nothing would in that circumstance. However, if she's trained and spars in class against people who know about and expect submissions - then in the case of a rape she would probably be able to pull something off (if she didn't psychologically freeze of course).

This might sound "funny" but rapists don't practice correct posture in guard - so they leave themselves open to offensive manoevers from the position that they're hunting for in the first place.

All this guard crap is fine and dandy, as long as he's not rainin down punches on her face.

....or has a knife or gun.


So, if we have a rapist with a gun...

What magical methods do we suggest to the woman about to be raped?

no worries, JJ defeats all

what if the rapist was a welter weight champ with good wrestling? What if the victim was paid off after "said" rape???

I'd recommend underhooks / biting the shit out of his face and neck. Nipple biting is good too. Then kick him off when he postures and stand up.

No Fotia does NOT equal robert bentley.


Fotia is my wife - and we both frequent this site at different times.

is she greek?

^^^pretty stupid advise coming from a female

i can't believe Girljock is a female.

^^^I agree with James...I seriously cannot fathom accepting being violated, much less enjoying it.

Girljock, not trying to knock you, but your statement sounds slightly chauvenistic(sp) imo...weird as that is.