rapid fire living up to its name

some quick fights today

Crazy stuff. :)

no shit


great start for '08 for sure!

We're getting some prelim's tonight...

very appropriate.

Weather sucks so I can't go fishing, got screwed by Comcast on UFC 79 so I didn't spend money on it, so I'm glad I said "screw it" and ordered. Damn good ppv thusfar.

EVERYONE talked shit about this card but it has been amazing so far. we're 3-3 with knockouts all in the 1st round. crazy stuff.

Lambert-Gouveia was round 2, fwiw. Barely though.

I've got to start drinking more quickly.

Great card so far.

Yeah I usually want as many Ko's as possible but these fights are almost to fast! Not complaining though great fights.