this might not be a great place to ask but whatever. I want to know what I need to produce some rap songs. I got the talent I have won freestylin tourneys in edmonton and in calgary, I just want to know what equipment I should get to make some beats and record some songs. Peace
thanks in advance

korg triton pro keyboard and a microphone... thats it

how much would that cost. Where would i get it. And how would you know have you made songs with it.

'Where would i get it.'

if you click on one of the keyboards for info.. at the bottom is a sample audio clip.. its totally cheesy music but you can see how you could use it to make beats and what not...

'And how would you know have you made songs with it.'

my friend has done alot of stuff with his triton... also, if you watch any thing like cribs or whatnot all the rappers who have a studio in their house seem to have a triton of some form...

im sure there are other things you can use that are cheaper and just as good...who knows.. good luck