Rash guards: long or short sleeve?

I'm looking at buying a rash guard, is there any difference between getting a long or short sleeve one? I would think that the short sleeve would be an advantage because your arms will still be sweaty and you can slip out of things.

I prefer the short sleeve.I hate anything long sleeve.It just makes me uncomfortable

I just got a long sleeve Under Armour (turf gear). I love it doesn't bother me at all.

I don't even own a suit because I hate anythign rubbing my forearms

Miller, you could cut the sleeves off of a suit. That would be gnarly.

I personally prefer long-sleeve ... seems like half the time I see guys with ringworm, it's on the inside of their elbow, their forearm, etc. I don't want me no ringworm. :(

I think that would just look too rednecky if that is a word

Get a dry fit T-shirt.