Fucking awesome. Still gonna get KO'd, but a great entrance song none the less!

Rashad or Technique? Drinking Bud Lights like the UFC tells me I should so my reading comprehension is even worse than usual. REMEMBER THAT I'M JUST A MAN - DON'T FOLLOW ME NIGGA

 I just saw him turn up the riddum with a nipple tweak, you never know.

Yeah I might have to switch my pick if GSP showed eem ow to turn on de riddum

Nipple twister is going down.

Just like the entrance said, THE POINT OF NO RETURN. WOW

 It was the nipple tweak, best technique in MMA

haha i knew i recognized that song

List of entrance songs for UFC 88: Breakthrough

That song is called The Point Of No Return, so if that is your list, you can correct it if you want.

immortal technique is right...