Rashad Evans Story

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If you have a minute, one of our writers Brian Knapp has penned a really excellent piece on Rashad Evans. I've known Evans a few years, and was riveted by the new light brought out in this piece. It's beyond a good read. Enjoy.

Not Just A Match

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Good read. Thanks, Loretta.

Very good article. Thanks for the link!

good read .I could be wrong but i didnt think Evans won NY states ?

I went to NCCC at the same time as Rashad. I held pads for him and Mahnseah Boley in the weight room.

Very down to earth guy.

Thanks for the ttt's and support.


ttt 4 Brocop !


“nappy-headed ho” in an underground web forum posting LOL


Great article.

By the way, if I might offer some constructive criticism: I like your editorial content, but the Fight Network has got to be one of the worst designed sites I've ever seen. Seriously. If you did a complete overhaul, making it much simpler and easy to read, I'd be a regular reader, and I bet many more people would as well.

Rashad is awesome... but those sound effects in the navigation bar for the site is really awesome! =D


No offense taken to the constructive criticism at all. A new site is in the works.

I apprecitae you taking the time to right (j/k) and thanks for the compliment on the content.


ttt for the nightshifters

Good lord I hope Rashad takes this. Good article. He is right about Team Jackson's too. Very cool guys out there.

"...I didn't even know where New Mexico was...

So much for a degree from Michigan State.

TTT for my fellow Niagara Falls native.

I went to high school with Rashad's older brother Nate.

I'm very proud to see his success.

thanks for the comments.

"I challenge you to a duel!"

I'll hide in New Mexico - you'll never find me there.


great read