Rashad Evans UFC Highlights!!


Just UFC trying to control there product. Making there own highlights now to promote fights. Not badly made though.

Rashad needs to learn how to finish a fight, but he is definitely not boring. Some of his fights have been very exciting.

I've only seen his fights on TUF and in the UFC, those were all very boring... are you saying his fights before he was in the UFC were very exciting?

I've never seen any of his pre-UFC fights either. But his wins over Jardine and Imes were very exciting. His wins over Whitehead and Bonnar were very impressive and certainly not boring. His win over Hoger wasn't very impressive, but even that fight wasn't boring.

The only truly boring Rashad Evans fight that I've seen was his very first fight in TUF 2.


I was hoping to see 2 minutes of him dancing.


The fight with Imes was his only exciting one so far.

Still, I think he has as good or better a chance of beating Chuck as anyone.

His standup is good, his chin is obviously pretty stellar (he took HARD shots from the 260lb Imes), and his wrestling is excellent.

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Rashad doesnt fight cans. UFC hasnt fed him a Mahood or a Sinosic or a Irvin.

Is this an HL of him laying on top of opponents or not finishing them?


rashad is teh real deal ZZZZ i mean ttt :)

Irvin has no ground what so ever. Sinosic is a good can I will agree.

"Rashad Evans Highlight"

Isn't that kind of an oxymoron??