Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis

Does anyone else feel this matchup can go either way? I have this feeling that one of these guys is a bad matchup for the other.

Phil Davis is one guy Rashad can't implement his usual wall-n-stall tactic against because of Davis' superb defensive wrestling; Rashad attempting takedowns may actually backfire. I could also see Rashad outboxing Davis after keeping it on the feet. But Davis is relentless with his takedowns, so that may not be easy to implement.

I'd favor Rashad slightly for now, but I am really unsure of how this fight will go.

The only thing i can say and really judge from is when davis fought lil nog he got out boxed and couldnt take him down till the 2nd n 3rd hes a great wrestler but i dont think he used to the transition for mma wrestlin just yet he shoots from outside that being said you could very easily see him getting out struck with no takedowns for 3 round but hes improved each time and its been awhile since hes last fight so he could be ready i would hope he shoots rashad against the fence thats where i see him gettin the takedown imo Phone Post

This fight will tell a lot about where Phil Davis is at right now

OnlyTheStrongSurvive - This fight will tell a lot about where Phil Davis is at right now

Very true Phone Post

Davis' superb defensive wrestling

where has this been shown, he hasn't fought any serious wrestling threats till now.... and I remember Gustafsson reversing him or taking him down, can't remember

Rashad should win this easy. Phone Post

I think Davis will have surprisingly better striking then we are expecting and I don't see rashad pushing him against the cage or grappling with him so I see Davis coming away with this Phone Post

Rashad by KO Phone Post

Davis will make sure there is no Evans/Jones fight. People have been "prisoners of the moment" with the Tito fight, continually saying Rashad looked new and improved. However, even the new and improved Rashad was taken down easily by Tito in the first couple of minutes.

Davis will you his kicks to get close and his grappling to finish the fight by tko in the third.

Hasha by TKO. He will be too quick for Davis on the feet, he might even knock him clean out. Phone Post

I think this is a cake walk for rashad I don't think Davis has any kind of threat towards rashad IMO Phone Post