Rashad got done again

How is Lembert fighting Babalu on the PPV in march and not Rashad.Rashad done whooped Lambert.First it was Jardine vs Forrest.It should have been Rashad vs Forrest since Rashad beat Jardine.Now its Lambert getting to fight a top 10 LW instead of Rashad.When is Dana White going to give Rashad some love and let him fight a top guy.

seems like they are just trying to build Babalu back in more than anything, maybe waiting in the wings until chuck retires or whatever. They know how good he is.

I doubt that want to build him back in. I like him, but I'm not sure of his marketability.

my guess is Rashad will either be Tito's first fight back from the liddell lose or rampage's next step after eastman

They are building Rashad not screwing him!

He has alot of fights on his contract......and salmon is no push over....Rashad needs to be ready for this fight rather than looking for top 10 205ers........he had holes in his game that needed work.......he needed to prove he could finish........he is closing those holes and improving.

I think they are doing a good job building him w/ the UFN's and bringing him along rather than giving him too much too soon.  It takes a little longer to do it right!

It's about time Rashad gets some hype from the UFC. Look at all the press and buildup that guys like Forrest, Bonnar, Diego, Swick, and others from TUF have got. For a guy that won TUF Rashad has pretty much been ignored until now. I talked to Rashad after his first couple fights and he was kinda disappointed. He didn't even get post-fight interviews after his first few fights. He may not be the most colorful character but he is a great representative for the UFC . He gives an intelligent, genuine, and likeable face to fans who might not be familiar with the sport.

They are on two different paths that don't neccesarily need to converge right away.

Rashad waqnts another year before he gets a title shot, don't you watch Inside The UFC?

Rashad should fighing on PPV by now.I think he should have fought Forrest in Dec.It seems like Swick and Forrest are always on PPV.Rashad was a underdog on the show and he beat everyone in front of him.Its time to start giving him some love and put him on PPV.

"It should have been Rashad vs Forrest since Rashad beat Jardine."

Keep in mind, Forrest wasn't "supposed" to lose. He was the favorite, and they were trying to build him after the Tito loss. That's why he didn't fight Rashad. Same reason he's not fighting Babalu at the moment. They're trying to build both fighters, but one has to lose if they fight each other.

the TUF fighter build-up has been going very well IMO...cept for Sanchez.
he seriously is on a different pace.
dude needs to fight Fitch or Hughes, that'll slow his pace down a bit.

"when did Rashad fight and defeat his team mate Keith Jardine? "

I think it was the semi-finals of TUF 2.

I'm glad that Rashad is finally headlining an UFN. The UFC wasn't doing anything for him for the longest time.

more ppl watch ufn the ufc ppvs so whats the big deal

I don't see how a guy that was just featured on Inside the UFC and is
headlining a UFN card can appear like he is being dissed... He is an asset
that the UFC cares about, and is trying to build up. Pay attention to
reality, and stop crying like a "poor-me pussy."

and btw, I think Rashad would destroy Babalu.

No one is crying abou the attention he is getting now. Inside the UFC just happened this week and UFN hasn't happened yet. I think Rashad has been around a little longer than a week. Can't figure out why it took this long for the UFC to get behind him.

BTW, I think Sean will beat Rashad. Only my opinion of course, I would hate to offend anyone. I already owe too many beers for offending people on here. You can find me and the two other SALMON boys starting tomorrow at the Hard Rock. We'll be easy to find.

I thought Brad Imes fought Jardine on TUF2, not Rashad?

rashad is definitely not being dissed. pay-per-view is pretty irrelevant right now. he doesn't have enough star power to demand ppv money. he still gets paid decent money for his fights (he wouldn't make any more on ppv) and he's getting a ton of exposure on tv.

rashad has smart management. they are grooming him best they can to make him a legit contender. and i know for a fact dana loves him. he kidded him about being too small to fight heavyweight, but he loves him for stepping up. he was guarenteed a spot on tuf3 by dana, but passed it up to fight hw on tuf2. one thing dana loves is someone who will step up and fight.

btw-rashad by k.o. r2

Rashad is gonna go far in this sport.

He'll beat Bisping.

I would love to see him against Forrest.