Rashad Holds Record For..

Knocking his UFC opponent out for the longest period of time.

The clock is still running :/

yea... but freakiest KO still goes to Tank Abbot.

get a gif of the tank knock out

The people in the crowd/media section behind the KO looked horrified. The asian lady, the guys on her right and left. They looked like they were witnessing a crime in progress after Rashad kicked him into a coma, then smashed his head twice. Joe Silva sprang to his feet in rejoicement, while others looked on in horror.

I love this sport.


does anyone know if Salmon's awake yet?

He's awake according to another thread.


Sean is ok. People are just tying to be funny.

According to the UFC website, he was conscious before he was taken out of the ring.

"After a few tense moments, Salmon was alert and speaking before being taken from the Octagon on a stretcher as a precautionary measure. He was sent to a local hospital, but is doing well and at press time is scheduled to be released."

Yeah, I have to admit that I kind of felt bad for the guy. Being KO'd like THAT is scary.

Yeah, Sean is fine. They released him from the hospital last night.

LOL @ Rogan pointing out that "his toes are still curled up.."!!!!!

If I didn't see his stomach "moving", I would've thought he was kicked dead 'cause he collapsed like a corpse. Poor fuckin' guy. I enjoyed watching him fight though so I hope he makes a speedy recovery and come back to prove the haters wrong. Ugh, I hate using the term 'haters' but sometimes it fits.