"Rashad is ultra explosive, as is Phil Davis"

  • Goldie

I know. Goldberg please stop . 

 so's Herb.

the camera man looked pretty explosive as well

Blah people are explosive.

"That is one athletic and explosive man." Jesus. Phone Post

 Anderson Silva's not explosive, he's Brazilian.

"Phil Davis is a tall and explosive fighter"

Racist. We all know Joe is a white supremacist, but I didnt know Goldie was.

This is an awfully explosive fight...

 I think Goldie just does it as a joke for the UG nowadays.

I heard Herb Dean is explosive as well.. Phone Post


Goldie busted out the "athletic and explosive" combo on Davis... I'm sorry but he's just terrible.

i laughed when i heard that

He said: "Rashad is ultra explosive, as is Phil Davis"

I heard: "They are both black."

Evans and Davis are indeed explosive, as is Jones.

Something about todays' generation of Welsh LHWs, I don't really understand it.


they always say that and yet they never explode