Rashad looked great

best he ever looked imo-he deserves a title shot

Ive been a Rashad fan and defended him on here many times. Now he does what needed to be done and to his toughest opponent. Go Rashad!!!

"best he ever looked imo-he deserves a title shot"

I wouldn't go that far yet.

Who should Rashad fight next then? I thought Lambert was suppose to own Rashad and Bonnar as well?

He needs to fight Forrest or Babalu

A Tito fight would be great.

Rashad is certainly one of the best at 205 if not the number 1 contender and he actually turned in an exciting fight and a finish for once.

Congrats to Rashad. He looked awesome.


Rashad looked very good. The TUF wrestlers are starting to come into their own the way that Henderson, Lindland and Hughes did.
Koscheck and Rashad both looked very good in their last fights.
It will be interesting to see if Matt Hamill can do the same thing.
It just goes to show you that elite wrestilng may be the most important base to have in MMA.

I forgot to mention that I would love to see Forest vs.
Rashad next. It makes perfect sense.

I definitely think Rashad would win though due to superior grappling.

solid win

Rashad is very good fighter. I still think he'll have a better shot at the 185 title he could make that weight easily.

Rashad is the next big thing just give him time. I said it before and people just laughed. These are the same people saying Lambert would destroy Rashad. Well didnt happen exactly like that.