Rashad Needs a New Nickname

 Anything but Sugar.

How about Rashad Nyquil Evans

Rashad Roughshod Evans

Rashad Icebreaker Evans

Considering he's been the underdog in every one of his fights, how about Rashad "Underdog" Evans.

Tubarao - "Sugar" Ray Robinson. I think that who it is after...

 The Muay Thai guy who lost in Pride?  That name is not ringing a bell.

I just call him "Brown Sugar".

'jazz hands'


"Ravishing" Rashad

Rashad G Evans. The G stands for "Good night, Chuck."

no he doestn.

brocop is just fine.

 lol, "Sugar" is one of the most revered nicknames a fighter can have, in boxing its given to fighters of the highest caliber ie Sugare Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard.

Rashad is living up to the nickname imo

 Chocolate Dell

radhad lucky shot evens

Rashad "Someone put a muzzle on my annoying ass wife" Evans or Rashad "The UG hated me and now everyone is on my balls" Evans

 Rashad " cleaned out the division of LHW's" Evans

I thought Brocop was his nickname.

This will be the demise of the UFC if they have a champion that dances like that.

Rashad "the juice" Evans

Rashad "I'm coming Weezie" Evans

Rashad "I'm going to Fuck Chuck" Evans


Rashad "I fucked chuck like he was a bitch and he loved it" Evans