Rashad on Fight with Tito (vid)

I interviewed Rashad back on Memorial Day weekend.  Rashad shares some good stuff about his background and views on the big fight with Tito Ortiz. 

Ignore the error about Ortiz coming off of "a couple of losses". :)

Thanks for the time Rashad!



Great video :)


=) awww yeah Rashad!

lol, yeah, should have edited it.

"so tito is a big light-heavyweight, you've come down from heavyweight so...how's it working out training with greg jackson?"

^^^ lol yeah.  I was hoping that would get edited out.  :)


I reedited it myself and got rid of some stuff.  It flows better now.  Check it out.

Good shit. Like the way he handled it. Too bad being an asshole seems to sell more tickets.

The great chocolate hype.


Feelin' that Hat Pimp.

JoPe....no, thats Rampage. Ask Chuck.

Rashad takes this. Bye Bye Tito.

Nice interview !!!


nice work man

thanks fellas. 

I have a few relevant ones with Kenny Florian & Joe Stevenson that I'm gonna put up today or tomorrow.  They talk about a boatload of stuff including their predictions for the Sherk/Franca fight.


cool interview, gay hat