Rashad/ Rampage as TUF coaches is a good play

If Rampage fights Machida in September as rumored (from Machida's own website), then Rampage/ Rashad as coaches is a great idea... if Rampage beats Machida for the belt (possible), then the coaches can fight in December for the belt... if Machida beats Rampage in September (very possible), then you build a little drama for a good fight between two coaches who have some tension w/ each other already... and it gives us the chance to see Rampage vs. Machida and still get Rampage vs. Rashad...

Love it.

agree to disagree you lil rascal...

filming starts in september... which would be right around the time the rumored fight w/ machida is to occur... regardless of the result w/ machida, rampage could coach against rashad and still make duckets for the ufc w/ a fight against bro-cop. hell, if rampage and rashad do coach, they could prolly get a dual airing on BET. BEEP!

so you do the math.

IrishFighter110 - Rampage gets the next shot. That is a fact. He has confirmed he is one of the coaches. Do the math. Machida will be a coach.

 Ed Soares said fairly definitively yesterday that he is NOT a coach.  Easier math to do.

IrishFighter110 - Well if you are right and Rampage is both fighting Machida and being a coach he will burn himself out.

how do you figure? he has coached before, he knows what it entails... and the fight w/ machida would be before the coaching... then he would go coach for about 8 weeks, then be home in mid-october... then start training to work rashad by december.

i saw that you posted somewhere about machida fighting shogun... don't think that's a good fight yet... let shogun keep gaining momentum, fighting maybe a jardine in the fall... then if he destroys them like he did chack, give him a title fight 3-4 months after that.