Rashad should fight Silva because...

there is no clear cut number 1 contender and it would give division time to clear up...

plus the only fight that makes sense...you all want Jones vs Silva..well..rashad next best

After the horrible showing against jones no way.

belfort bisping = #1 contender
weidman munoz = winner facces lombard
sonnen rashad = if rashad wins he gets a title shot
lombard boetsch = face munoz/weidman

would love if it unfolded like this.

Rashad will offer formidable opposition to Silva.

Rashad is the only one to survive against Jones.

No way, Rashad is coming off a loss. If he wants the belt he can fight Lombard or Munoz first at least.

Enough with the Florian treatment. Phone Post

Hendo got the same treatment...and No Belfort..he had his chance cmonnnn

I want the fight...

I think it would make the UFC some cash too Phone Post

i would be down with rashad * silva but seriously from rashads perspective its kinda tuff, yeah he will get paid but back to back fights against the 2 best fighters in the world is a tall task. i would think he would wanna take a few fights at mw and get used to the cut and even try to improve his game. his striking has improved imo at all over the last 4-5 years.