Rashad used to be my least favorite UFC LHW

Thanks to the editing of TUF 10, I am beginning to tolerate him.....

When he acts like a dick, I don't really care for him. I enjoy watching Machida knock him on his ass while he's saying, "You hit like a bi..........". (He was out for a little bit, so extra .....)

I didn't dislike Rashad, but he wasn't one of the fighters I rooted for unconditionally. This season is definitely changing my perception of him, primarily because of the way he operates his team and treats his fighters. He can be brash and cocky at times, but he seems like he has a good heart and truly cares for both the physical and mental wellbeing of all of the fighters on the show, not just guys from Jackson's camp in New Mexico, but his team and Rampage's team, even.

 I rooted for him throughout season 2, becaause they wanted him gone so bad, then that hillbilly whatever is paired wih him in the finals, and it seemed like Imes was getting special treatment, paired with MFS, etc.

He's a lkeable, charismatic and has showed tremendous improvement with his striking, etc.