Rasheed Wallace is the man!!!!!!!!

For those that dont know...Rasheed Wallace who plays for the Dteroit Pistons of the NBA is from Philly...(so is Rip Hamilton)

Well he wore a #27 REggie Leetch throwback FLYERS jersey to game 7 tonight in Detroit....

Then after they won the game he was talking to the reporters in the locker room.  They had the Flyer/Tampa game on in the locker room....In mid sentence he sees Gagne score the goal and he stops and screams, "Thats game baby! Thats game!  We going back to Tampa!".....AWESOME!!!!!

On a side note Larry Brown was wearing a detroit #19 yzerman jersey...prick lol


Thats cool... it's always neat to have other sport athletes watching our game.

Anyone remember Lebron wearing the Canucks vintage on Leno? (Or was it Carmello?)

another very smart man