Rasheed Wallace to sign with Boston Celtics

2 years, full MLE

This offseason is getting cray-zee!

Top tier teams in the East are really clawing at each other to get a leg up. Going to be a pretty nice year across the board

Sadly I would say the Lakers are favs followed closely by a healthy Spurs group

The Spurs are going to have to add a decent big to be in the running, and the pickings are starting to get slim.

Latest rumour out of Boston is that the Spurs are going to get Big Baby.

and they already signed Marcus Haislip.

If that's their offseason activity for their big men their title hopes are screwed.


Yes, this is confirmed:


So who would be Boston's 5? Wallace, Garnett, Pierce, Allen, Rondo?! Where does Perkins fit into this..

Wallace might split time or come off the bench for Garnett?

Interesting setup

Well, he did play Center for the pistons. So my guess is that he will split with Perkins?! I just can't see Rasheed coming off the bench. This will certainly be an interesting season!

Now Boston wants Grant Hill..

Boston was better off with Big Baby imo.


^ claims Wallace will come off bench.

Next season is going to be intriguing for sure. Lots of big names moving around to teams that were already pretty damn good.

 yeah,  this is actually some of the most interesting off-season GMing I've seen in a long while.

It s beginning to be like baseball!! All the big players going to big teams!!

Thanks alot Boston for fucking up the league!!!!! Fuckers!!..LOL!

yeah it's the 80's all over again. Good for the league, bad for the true fans.

A change of scenery might make all the difference for Sheed. And as we all know he has never wanted to be "the" man and so playing along side Pierce, KG, and Rondo is just what the doctor ordered.