rashguard = locked in funk?

Hey guys.

I've noticed that 2 of my rashguards smell horrible! like the funk is trapped in them.

I NEVER wear clothing more than once and I wash them almost immediately or at least never longer than 24hrs after rolling.

Do synthetic fibers trap in odor? this suprises me.

maybe I'm washing them wrong? being black I've always washed them cold.

The man stank will penetrate anything.  My rash guards actually don't smell as bad as my gi's though. I think cotton sucks up the funk more then anything else. 

I've worn my gi's for almost 2 years and they smell great! no odor at all!

That's weird.  How old are the rashguards and what brand?  I've got 2 underarmor shirts and those thinks never stink. 

Yeah my gi might not go clean-white but it never ever smells...

My rashguard only smells when i sometimes very quickly wash it. Usutally i put it into water with some stuff and it goes nice and clean...

vinegar. try soaking it in white vinegar for an hour, rinsing, then washing it with normal detergent to get most of the vinegar smell out.