Rashguards for No-Gi?

Anybody with particular recommendations or otherwise?


Brand names?

Particular reasons for/against using one?

Whatever bit of pride I get from the bruises inside my arms, after rolling no-gi, I'm starting to worry about possible after effects. Also, would be nice just to not have so much pain from getting palms wrenched against the skin.

check us out at www.casca-grossa.com we have a good selection and some new rashguards we just brought from Brasil.



Thanks - about to check it out right now....


Any thoughts on their use, vato? I'm a rank beginner, so this is new to me.

OK - I had a look - what is the material for, say, the short-sleeved?

Is it the same as with a diving rash guard (lycra, usually, I think)?

Somebody locally recommended "underarmor," I think because it is a different, maybe more durable, material.

The short sleeve Loose Fit from Sprawl is excellent.  I don't think I'll ever wear a tight fitting one again.  I recommend anything from Sprawl.  Check out their selection at www.Sprawl.tv


i wear underarmour, kills the atama and surf rashguards i used to own

Well i only have two, one OLD hitman one which is good, and one NOGI one which i think is awesome. Bought the black/teal NOGI stretch boardshorts and the rashguard, think it's awesome, really low friction on the lycra or whatever it is.

Go with the sprawl if you like a looser fit. The underarmor is okay but it's TIGHT. That's good so others can't grab it but it was uncomfortable to wear something so tight to me.

I use Underarmor and now use the walmart rashguards they are $9.99 and are the same as underarmor

We carry a few different kinds...


Many, many thanks for the feedback.

Seems like that WalMart price is 1/3 the price of Under Armor prices I've seen, and about the same of lycra diving rash guards.

A couple of people don't like the tight fit design - Spooky is your reason for not liking them the same as bjjprim8's?

Also, something I wonder about as a noob to BJJ, is there a downside to wearing a rashguard, in terms of it making it harder for your training partners to control you (i.e. therefore making it less necessary for the wearer to learn better techniques against the opponent's hand and skin grip)? I guess this is sort of a question for instructors. I don't mind the difficulty of dealing with more advanced training partners controlling me; just want to avoid the flesh damage.

Maybe there are other ways of avoiding the abrasion bruises, as well, other than whining and screaming in pain alot?


I like the walmarts a lot especially for the price. As for control, don't get the long sleeve ones, I noticed it's easier to escape arm locks with them on and you slide in easier when trying to lock up the arm.

Rashguards for me are just a matter of trying to keep the ringworm away. I have never found them to make much difference in terms of being slippery/not being slippery once the sweat starts to flow. I have two rednoseusa rashguards which are good, and two underarmour ones, which are less thick but also very good. I think I should look into the walmart ones though...

I really like the underarmour, Ive had mine since the summer, longsleeve, but ive got a small hole in the elbow already. I dont mind the tight fit design at all....when im training its not a factor (this is coming from a guy who weighs 125 and wears xl tshirts outside of the gym)

I didnt like the atama because the sinches for the neck, waist and biceps are too constricting, while the rest of the rashgaurd fit somewhat loose. It was thick and hot too, like wearing a garbage bag.

the surf rashguard was from volcom, fit like crap, was very hot but not as bad as the atama. It got destroyed by the velcro from my shorts in the wash

I like my rashguard which is MMAGEAR Minotauro longsleeve. The only nono was the BIG logo on the back which was cool at first but kept sticking to the mat like gum. But now after 9 months of use the logo has nicely almost peeled off it's good now.

GREAT info, all - really helpful on many fronts.

Thank you

I bought a couple of Underarmor items. Gonna look into WalMart as well, tho I hate to support some of the stuff they do.

Go to jiujitsuprogear.com and try the Koral rash guards. They are nice an thick and you won't have to work about them tearing or threads comming loose. They are well constructed.

Those are about 10 bucks more each than the Under Armor....

Is thicker going to be much hotter, as well?

I just got the Under Armor, by the way, and it has an interesting feel - very cool, like heat is being taken away.


buy surfing rash guards that are the same as bjj stuff and you can pay as little as $10 each for brand new.