Rashguards for your Legs. Where?


Im trying to find something that I can wear on my legs thats like the Koral Rash Guards. Skin tight, and wicks away the wetness. I believe that Shinya Aoki has been wearing some stuff similar to what im looking for (although I dont want rainbow colored pants, and im trying to wear them UNDER my board shorts).

A friend passed this link along to me: http://www.roadrunnersports.com/rrs/products/HIW431/

And I was wondering what you guys' thoughts were.


When I was an athletic trainer, I've seen football players wear those kind of pants under their uniforms. I don't know if they work or not. Here's the heat version (you probably don't want the "cold" version):

Under Armour:

New Balance (If you are gay... LOL):

I don't wear them, personally. You can probably get similar protection by wearing gi pants during no-gi practice too.

I think you can get them at your local sporting goods store.

All they really are is compression pants.


I had NO idea what they were called. Just as long as they act as my Koral Rash Guard (but for my legs) then im good.

sometimes queen size sheer nylons. sometimes fishnets.

My girlfriend wears the fishnets when we make sexy time.

smart to wear in the sense that no sweaty legs = tighter submissions and no slipping

There are wrestling tights but I am not sure where to get them.  The sweaty legs are kind of a nasty aspect of no gi. 

lol @ bjj'ers having girlfriends


Thats EXACTLY why I want to wear them. They will wick away the sweat, but most of all protect me from what could be on another guys skin. I know a guy (doesnt train with us anymore) that went like 3 days without even bathing and STILL trained. Knowing there are guys like that convinced me to protect my legs against unbathed skin because you NEVER know whats on it.

Ugh that's nasty


What makes it worse, the ONLY way I even found out about his bathing habits is because his girlfriend (ex girlfriend now) told my girl that she had to MAKE him bathe or she wouldnt sleep with him.

I KNOW there are more lazy people like him.


Man I'd rock that! It looks sweet, if I could get some pitbulls and tribals on that mo-fo it would be SWEET!

im gonna start rocking a snow suit to no-gi

With the ski goggles to go with it?

I would go with these.

Those are the same leggings that Hobbit posted arent they Ridgeback?

hmmm...fishnet...bad. not bathing for three days...bad. interesting [writes note to self]

Yeah, I missed the link.