Raspberry Pi, TME

Just bought one. Have all the bells and whistles(card with OS preloaded, USBwireless card, wireless keyboard mouse, power cable and monitor). What have you guys used yours for? What are some essentials?

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what is it?

I don't have on (yet) but I was thinking of using one for MAME.

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what is it?

It's a $25 barebones computer.


http://www.raspberrypi.org/faqs Phone Post 3.0

Coupla other threads on here. I have 2. Love drinking beer and needing out. YT ras pi guy. Lots of easy fun tutorials. Phone Post

I was thinking of using it as a NAS or a file server to host music and movies for my family. Has anyone set either of these up? Phone Post 3.0


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