I was just wondering if there were any practicing rastafarians on the holyground? If not is anyone familiar w/ their beliefs practices ect.. thanks!

I am familar with the beliefs and practices of rastafarians.

It depends on who you ask, what kind of answer you get as to what they believe. Some rasta's see all people and things as part of God, others see God as being hailee selassie. Others see selassie as an icon, much like a saint, who points to christ for salvation.

most rastas smoke pot during thier religious meetings and read scripture. The largest group is the twelve tribes of israel, which you can find on msn to read more about. Also check out the rasta message board at star.dubroom.com. Rasta is more a philophsy/way of living than it is a religion, IMO

Thanks for the info joshua. Anyone else?

no problem man, anything specific that your looking for?

No I just knew that they pretty much believed in the bible but also believed jesus came back as an etheopian king, I'm researching the websites you listed above, thank you very much.

anytime, let me know if you need help...also the guys on those sites are really helpful if you need assistance.